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Volunteer Day

❗️Hello all! Please be aware that the Shadows Volunteer Day for July 2 is CANCELLED!! This is due to a private wedding being held on the property. ❗️

Volunteer Day

Hello all! It’s that time of year again come meet the cast for the Shadows Haunted Attraction for a meet and greet on June 18th, 2022 from 1 pm to 3pm! Ask us about our experiences and how you can be a part of the cast for this year’s hauntings. Contact us on messenger orContinue reading “Volunteer Day”

Open Times

Join us for another great weekend! Open every Friday and Saturday in October7-11pm Admission $15 cash and credit accepted!!!748 Bull Creek Road Tarentum is located on the AKVHS Fleatique Grounds!



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Count Down To Open

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